Services: ESG-Consulting

We identify potential.

environmental, social and governancial

ESG consulting

EU taxonomy and German climate protection law are bringing the sustainable environmental, social and governance impact of our actions to the fore.

While ESG-compliant products are becoming the market standard, investors and issuers are facing new challenges.

  • Meeting reporting requirements
  • Avoiding stranded assets
  • Securing market values
  • Securing financing terms
  • Securing leasability
  • Minimizing the environmental footprint

From a technical perspective, these issues are not only manageable, ESG consulting even generates competitive advantages for transparent properties.

  • Avoidance of the Lemon Problem
  • Long-term assurance of tradability
  • Stabilization of yields
  • Access to Green Bonds
  • Increase of rental attractiveness
  • Classification as an environmentally and socially responsible product
  • Transaction

    In transactions, we check real estate and projects for their compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. EU taxonomy, climate protection law, GEG2020, etc.) as well as for their optimization potential, according to your needs. We are also happy to carry out the classification in scoring models and ESG reporting according to recognized standards such as GRESB or ECORE. For stranded assets, we demonstrate a sustainable perspective - especially in sales processes - based on the decarbonization path/remediation roadmap.

    ESG Due Diligence

    • Review of regulatory sustainability criteria
    • Preparation of ESG CAPEX
    • CO2 balancing
    • Stranding risk assessment
    • Assessment of climate risks
    • Identification of optimization potential
    • Identification of decarbonization path
    • Creation of a refurbishment roadmap
    • Certification according to DGNB ESG standard
    • Individual analysis and reporting
  • Construction

    In forward deals, the course for the planning and thus the ESG conformity of the property is already set during the purchase contract negotiations. At this point, optimization potential can be identified and implemented. In doing so, risks to the environment must be minimized as best as possible, socio-cultural protection goals must be taken into account and sustainable building operation must be ensured.

    With our construction project monitoring, we ensure taxonomy-compliant planning and execution, through

    • Classification of the building project in accordance with the regulatory requirements
    • Comparison of the planning with sustainability criteria
    • Presentation and implementation of optimization potential
    • Analysis and consideration of physical climate risks
    • Ensuring circular economy specifications
    • Consideration of user needs
    • Minimization of operational resources and costs
    • Reduction of carbon risk factors
  • Decarbonisation

    The criteria for sustainable economic activities are intended to support the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and resource-efficient economy. In this context, the European Green Deal envisages reducing the net emission of greenhouse gases in the EU to zero by 2050. This will empirically reduce the remaining useful life of technical equipment and components. With the help of a decarbonisation roadmap, the resulting stranding risk can be made tangible and avoidable.

    • CO2 balancing
    • Evaluation of the stranding risk
    • Evaluation of options for action in the context of regulation
    • Determination of investment costs
    • Derivation of a decarbonization roadmap
  • ESG-Reporting

    For more transparency on the sustainability status of your portfolio, we set up reporting that complies with current requirements such as the EU taxonomy. This is done in the form of individual fact sheets, reports and reporting standards of recognized associations. For asset management, we also provide the data in digital form and maintain it in a software-based manner for ongoing reporting. In the course of this, we also map the effect of planned measures on the current scoring for you or create a certified scoring report.

    • Reporting on EU taxonomy
    • GRESB Reporting
    • ECORE Reporting
    • DGNB ESG verification reporting
    • Ongoing ESG reporting for AM
    • Customized reporting

    Don't worry about information gathering and processing, we are happy to support you in this area as well. Existing data sets and evaluations can also be imported. Our in-house ECORE verifiers, GRESB reporters and DGNB ESG managers are adept at preparing documents for reporting and certification.